Growing up in Beachwood, Ohio (suburb of Cleveland), my first taste of photography was in high school. We had incredible facilities, including a darkroom equipped for black and white as well as color.....Hooked.

Then I went off to college at Indiana University to study business. I continued taking photographs as an enthusiast, but did not return to the darkroom until years down the road.....Interested.

After college, I moved to Chicago and worked for a large consulting firm. I still have wonderful friends and travel stories from that experience and I am very thankful for the opportunity. I continued to take photographs and was selected as a finalist for Photographer's Forum's "Best of Photography" Annual in 1998 and 2000.....Hobby.

While in Chicago, I enrolled in a photography class at a community center recommended by a friend (now called the Chicago Photography Center). After participating in that course, I fell in love with photography all over again. That's when the bud started. It grew within me until I realized it was time to quit my job, move to San Francisco, get my second degree at the Academy of Art University, and start a new life; this one in Photography.....Passion.

After graduation, I was very fortunate to find work with inspiring photographers such as Ed Kashi, Catherine Karnow, and Vance Jacobs. Those experiences, combined with working in the Photo Department at Wired Magazine, have been invaluable. Now it is time to build on those experiences and go out on my own.....Dream.